The final of the HMCC Spring Client challenge with SAP has just been disputed and the team composed by Liliana De Bernardi, Mallika Boobna, Martina Pia Cito, Marisol García-Torres and Esther Stallone has crowned itself as the winner – congratulations!

Virtual picture of the winner team, judges and HMCC board (given the situation)

This is what Liliana De Bernardi, member of the winning team, says about the experience:

It was very rewarding to manage working on the challenge while shifting to more “uncomfortable” or unusual environment due COVID-19 crisis. Our campus was closed, we all went back to our home countries, and we were not thinking the challenge was going to continue. However, we appreciated HMCC kept it going and adjusted the challenge online. We lost a team member, were going through midterms, and were working in 3 different time zones. However, we got used to working through Zoom, and we appreciated the final presentation date was shifted from the board. Overall, we had a very good learning experience, and loved to work with such a prestigious company as SAP!

Liliana De Bernardi

The challenge brought by SAP demanded the student consultants to answer the following question: How can SAP make its current customers acquire the Intelligent Enterprise Institute service? This service allows SAP to offer more than just software solutions, but to actually join their customer in their ideation processes.

The launch of the challenge occurred a month ago, on March 2nd, when Jose Luis Carvalho and Roberto Pérez Segura, Hult student now doing his internship in SAP, joined HMCC on campus to reveal the question the consultants would be working on for the following month.

SAP revealing the challenge in March 2nd

Halfway through the challenge, the consultants had to transition to working remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak and presented virtually during their second and third touchpoint on the 23rd and 24th of March, as well as today during the final. This only prepared them further for the real consulting world.

Never thought I would have ticked off online consulting during a pandemic from my bucket list.

Alexandre Niehaus – HMCC SAP Client Challenge Participant

The challenge proved to be a great success among participants, who largely thanked the Hult Management Consulting Club for the organization of the challenge and for bringing SAP as a client.

The challenge was thrilling given that SAP is such a large company. It was great finding areas of improvements and getting creative, especially when adapting with this transition to the virtual which was quite smooth.


All the judges were very impressed by the work put in by both the consultants and HMCC, so big congratulations to everyone!


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