The Hult Trading and Investment Society (recently renamed) made tremendous progress in the December-ending quarter. We made stock predictions, participated in challenges and brought in a speaker along with educating members on technical and fundamental analysis.

Let’s start analyzing how our predictions went:

Snapchat would lose its value: Successful

Over the last quarter, Snapchat has lost around 33% of its total value, making the company trade at around $6 a share, considerably down from its IPO listing at $27.09 per share. Further fall can be anticipated in the future.

Netflix would be worth considerably more: Unsuccessful

Netflix is still trading at the same price level as it did exactly a quarter ago due to a mixed earnings report for the quarter. It beat subscription targets but failed to meet revenue expectations. Despite an insignificant change over the quarter, it would be considerable to note that the company’s stock is up more than 35% since Christmas and investment firms have upgraded their price targets to the $425-$450 range, showing a considerable premium over the current market price.


The Pipster BullRun Challenge Results

This was a challenge where our school competed against other universities such as Queen Mary University of London, Imperial College and The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Two of our club members won awards: Barzan Abdullah won the award for 2nd place and Yog Rajani won the award for The Most Improved Trader with a 51% profit gain over a month, sourced majorly from a crypto-currency short. We are immensely proud of these achievements.

Sample Stock Outlook for this Quarter

This quarter we expect a bearish outlook for the economy since the housing market has slowed down in most parts of the world, along with lower GDP growth forecast for the world. We continue to be Bullish on Netflix and bearish on Snapchat.

What do we plan to achieve this quarter?

This quarter, we plan to make the club more practical by creating a virtual portfolio of stocks to see whether we can beat the market. We will provide more details to the society members once the last details are finalized.

Additionally, we invite members to pitch us stocks, and the best pitcher will be rewarded with the position of ‘Head of Equity Research’. More information will come out soon regarding the details of the competition.

Moreover, we want our members to learn more about emerging markets and we are willing to set up a webinar with an Indian Equities Analyst to talk about the market condition over the previous year and industries on the lookout.

We will participate in the following challenges both in Q1 2019:

  • The 2019 CME Trading Challenge
  • The UK University League

We also plan to hold sessions where we would talk about companies that we have positioned in our portfolio so that members may have the opportunity to learn and/or act on them. This might also help with business reports due in your classes.

We hope that you have an interesting quarter and a great semester. Remember to follow us on our Facebook page, and DO NOT forget to ask us to join the club at:


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