The first ever Cohort captains have now been voted and elected. We interviewed them during their campaign, now we meet with them again after their victory. They tell us about their goals, first thought about the cohorts and their pride in holding the presidency.

Jimena Pérez, Camden Cohort Captain

How does it feel to be elected?

Jimena: Being elected as Camden’s Cohort Captain is an overwhelming joy. I was very happy to know that even if I’ve been here for only a month and a half, I still had the power to impact others to choose me as their leader. I promised my Cohort that I would continuously improve myself to be the best leader they can have and I plan to keep that promise. 

What are your goals?

J: Now that we’ve had the opportunity to formally meet our Cohort advisors and talk about what is expected from us, I have a clearer idea of what I want to achieve.
 My goals for this year 2019-2020 consist of three main objectives. The first one is advertisement of the cohorts, then an increase of encouragement and appeal to Hultians, and finally creating a feeling of belonging between the colors. 

Firstly, I want the Cohorts to be visible to everyone. People know about them but they don’t feel like they are part of them. We need to show their importance and appear as a strong and united group. The main thing I want to achieve is to integrate the Cohorts to Hult’s lifestyle. When people enter our university their significance has to be demonstrated. They should be a part of us and we should be proud of them. I think it will be a good idea to have T-shirts and a display of the Cohorts in the entrance, for example, flags and a place where we can have pictures of important moments of our events for people to see how fun it is. 

Secondly, I’ve spoken with people outside my cohort and within, and the truth is that not all the events are suitable for everyone. It is important to create a diverse theme for our events in order to increase the probability of different kinds of people to join. I know that we will never be able to please all of the students but I’m sure that there are ways to make the activities appealing to a greater group. We can have specific events but we should have side activities that will make others want to attend. For example, when we had the football tournament a good idea would have been to have a stand where people could create posters and do face paint to support their team. 

Lastly, I want my Cohort to feel like a family. I know that this one is going to be the hardest one to achieve but I do think that I can do it with time. The main problem is that people don’t know who is in their Cohort and they haven’t established a type of relationship with most of their teammates. I think it would be very important to organize events outside Hult within our groups to get to know each other and create a feeling of friendship between us for it to later feel like a family. 

I strongly believe that the other Cohort Captains and I will successfully achieve this because all of us are very committed to making this year the YEAR OF COHORTS. We will make sure that everything works out nicely and that people have a lot of fun. I’m sure you will be very proud of us and I personally promise that I will always give it my best to prove why voting for me was the right choice.

Hajar Bouazzaoui, Dalston Cohort Captain 

You’ve been elected as your cohort captain, what now?

Hajar: As a cohort captain my main goal is to improve cohorts in general and not only Dalston. To collaborate with the 3 other captains is an opportunity to do more and achieve better goals together. As cohorts represent Hult’s brand, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make students more engaged. Engagement is the key to a successful cohort.

How you see the cohorts so far?

H: I have already discussed my goals, I had many but mainly I’m trying to bring the people of my cohort closer. There’s a big gap in communication between the Dalston cohort. Some people don’t even know what is a cohort meant for. They think it’s a funny, cute, yellow sticker on their student IDs. The cohort idea was founded to bring students closer and facilitate making friends. Through events, fun activities, social media and motivation I’m going to endure this relationship and bring them closer. It’s good to be part of something. Especially when it feels like family, which is what cohorts are all about. 

What are your goals? 

H: I think I was asked to write a 500 word explanation to state my goals and elaborate on how I want to achieve them. But I don’t think we can measure our thoughts and feelings in words. Just in short. I wanted to be a cohort captain because I want to bring life back to cohorts. I like to have different families and I want the Dalston cohort to be one of them.

Zaki Ahmed, Barbican Cohort Captain

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As cohort captain, you’ve already engaged in the inter cohort football tournament. What can you tell us about it?

Zaki: It was amazing to see so many community members join for the inter cohort football tournament! What’s more important than the participation is people cheering passionately for their teams. This passion has the potential to be reflected as the spirit of the cohort and us as cohort captains with the help of the HSA have the ability to transcend this passion just from spirit into a cohort value. 

I am delighted to see that the tournament reflected the goals I want to achieve this year. The priority of all is to maintain and expand this inclusivity along with making sure that the cohorts own their members and vice versa. 

However, where everything seems bright, there are some threats to this, one of them bieng proactiveness. I noticed that a lot of people were not proactive in responding to the emails and group chats, secondly, the marketing could be improved. Although I know that there were booths for multiple days and announcements we still need to push our future events even more in the future. 

Holistically speaking, the event was a great success.

Marcus Strom, Angel Cohort Captain

How does it feel to be elected?

Marcus: I am so humbled to be elected cohort captain for Angel. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and gave me the chance to prove my self! 

What are the cohorts for you?

M: For me, cohorts are a great way to engage in the community around Hult. It is an opportunity to meet new people, work together as a team and achieve not only academic results. It’s like when you support your home team in football or your home nation in skiing. It’s your team, that you root for. I am also very persistent in saying that it also should be much like your home base. A safe zone, where you always know you have people that care. It is more or less like a pre-enrolled club you’re in. 

What are your goals? 

M: Let’s talk about what we want to achieve. For the academic year 2019/2020 I want us to shape the cohort into how we like them to be. As I have been given the opportunity to influence, I want to include the voices and opinions of the cohort members, although, I have set some goals I would like to pursue.

What are those?

M: One, traditions: I want us to make traditions. Whether this will be strictly within the cohort, or that we make our own event, I want us to make something we can call our own. I think that if we put our minds together we can make something great together! 

Two, bonding: What’s really important when you have a family or cohort, is that you bond. I want to arrange team bonding activities, that not only will include drinking but also something for every taste. If you have any suggestions to what could be fun to do together, send me an email! 

And three, winning: As last years angels spread their wings and took the victory home, we gotta do the same! We have to do this by working together and helping each other! I was a proud captain on the inter cohort football tournament a couple of weeks ago, when we had the most players who showed up. Not only did we have the most players showing up, but it went really well as we won! We have to continue this, and make the same results as last year’s cohort. Because after all we are the best. 

This is my three main goals for this year. Off-course, we are going to establish more together as we go. 

At the end, I have to say again thank you so much to everyone for giving me this chance. My door (phone) is always open to anyone. If you ever need someone to talk to, or you want to give feedback (positive or negative) always feel free to send me a message or mail.


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