By Darius Rahman – Head of Sports

It may be corona pandemic time but it’s also time again for the monthly sports roundup, delivered online this time. Luckily, something not to be added to the list of the many cancelled matters including sporting events such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, The Euros and all major sporting leagues across the globe, are the Hult Olympics. Unluckily, however, our beloved sports clubs at Hult weren’t able to finish their respective leagues and tournaments as LUSL (London University Sports League). Even more frustrating is the fact that the Men’s Football Team were just one game away from confirming the title and becoming reigning champions. LUSL is currently reviewing all the leagues and remaining matches to see if they can declare some teams’ positions. Hopefully, this will bring confirmation of Hult winning the league, bringing some good news and light to these darker days of not only sports but also university life.

In other news, despite Hult Olympics being initially cancelled, the HSA and I are working hard on brainstorming ideas to still make it happen in some form or shape online. Personally, Hult Olympics is something I look forward to every spring as it truly brings the campus alive and people together through competition and sports. It’s unfortunate not to be able to have these circumstances this year but sit tight and wait and see what fun online activities and challenges we come up with as a substitute. Ideas such as online FIFA tournaments, eating competitions, trick shot challenges and other easy to do at home activities are being tossed around. As always if you have any ideas for online engagement during this time in terms of clubs or the Olympics feel free to contact me or one of the members of the HAS through the many existing channels.

The Head of Sports’ 3 Highlights of the month: 

1. As mentioned earlier, the Men’s Football Club only had one game left before the suspension of the league and were six points clear of Hult PG who had two games in hand. We are closer than ever to achieving the Championship of the second competitive division and gaining promotion to the first division. Confirmation from the league is the only thing that is missing, we may not be able to physically celebrate (annoyingly for the players in particular) but I’m sure this is something that brings a smile to every Hultians face. Especially knowing that there will be a big new trophy waiting for us in the trophy cabinet once we are able to return to campus.

2. The Hult Olympics as we know it may be cancelled, just like the real Olympics that were set to be held in Tokyo this summer. But unlike Tokyo’s games, ours will still be on virtually. So, prepare your controllers, thumbs, eyes and competitive spirits to battle it out with and against your fellow Hultians.

3. I wanted to leave this last highlight as an opportunity to officially introduce the next Head of Sports, Sacha Maly. It’s my pleasure and honour to have him be my successor and I hope he will be able to elevate sports on our campus onto another level. Fortunately, he should be able to organize and see through some of the events next year that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic this year, such as the Hult Olympics in their normal form, the Cohort Charity Run and various events our Sport’s Clubs still had in store for us.


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