Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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The roaring 20s 2.0?

The roaring 20´s, or in other words the period 1920 – 1929, is a period of roughly 10 years during which the...

Why Modern Monetary Theory is not Viable

Modern Monetary Theory is a framework that is used to describe the novel approach to macroeconomics. The first underpinnings of Modern Monetary...

Pfizer and Moderna to the Rescue, What to Expect from the...

It has been more than eight months since the first lockdown in Europe due to COVID – 19. Since then, the Stock...

Hustle and Heels: Another successful Women in Business Event

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Being a woman entrepreneur is not easier, either. But yesterday’s night event...

Why WeWork might never work

The co-working rental company has quickly expanded in big cities including London, but its business model is deeply flawed.

Turbulences Ahead

The European aviation industry is having a rough year. There are little signs suggesting the outlook will get better. While airline companies...

SL.AM LDN: the interview

SL.AM LDN is an environmentally friendly fashion brand with deep meaning that is just launching now. It’s founders, Safia Mushtaq and Amadeus Lombardi, are current Hult students at the UG London campus. We interview them to discover more about their sustainable business idea.


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