Why do you stand for inclusivity?

“As future business leaders, inclusivity is key for our success. Sometimes it is overseen as we don’t truly comprehend what it entails and the benefits it carries. I strongly believe that inclusivity means welcoming and many times we forget to do so. Observe, listen and learn, inclusivity will show you everyone’s potential”

Fernanda Meza

“The most important environment for learning is the one in which backgrounds, cultures and comfort zones clash. When surpassing the barriers of exclusion, you enjoy the purest form of chaos, which is the birthplace of innovation. I am a very curious person, eager to learn about everything. By excluding others all I could achieve is complete isolation and a constant fear of the unknown, yet inclusivity allows me to challenge and be challenged by different backgrounds, cultures and comfort-zones. That chaos is the spark of life.” 

Giancarlo Graber Alvarez

“Inclusivity ultimately results in a safe environment for all. An environment where everyone is accepted for who they are and not discriminated against in any way. An environment where they can engage, grow, nurture, be loved and cared for. An environment that doesn’t support bullying, harassment, or any sort of judgement. An environment for all.”

Nour Abdelaziz

“Why do I stand against harassment ? Because unfortunately anyone at any time can be subjected to it and we shouldn’t accept that.”

Youssef Khattab

“I stand for inclusivity because we grow as a society when we embrace our diversity. Our differences shouldn’t dictate the way we are treated, instead, they should be celebrated and valued.”

Melina Herzkovich

“Because as part of an oppressed collective, as of the LGTBQIA+, it’s important that we step up for our rights. Because as a feminist, it’s important to support my colleagues. Because as a world citizen, I can not tolerate any kind of discrimination. That’s why I stand for inclusivity.”

Adrià Serrarols

“Whether we choose to accept or neglect it, there is a lot of negativity that exists in the world, all of which we’re responsible for. I stand for inclusivity because I think it makes life a little easier. Just treating people with respect and understanding is such a simple concept it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do so. You don’t need to be someone who’s been a victim of discrimination to be an advocate for inclusivity. If you are accepted by people there’s no reason you shouldn’t accept others for who they are/want to be. Our inherent flaw as a society is that we forget that no one is actually worth anything more or less than anyone else. I see inclusivity as a basic human moral we’re all capable of possessing, as well as a simpler way to just make people feel safe and I think we’re all deserving of that.”

Sabrina Frischmann

“The question “Why do you stand against harassment?” seems to be a heavy question paired with a light and easy answer. Unfortunately, it is not. I believe that we live in a world where wisdom is lost in fear-driven individualism. A form of individualism which causes many to perpetuate unkind actions against others. Unaware of the power of our actions, words and position in the world, we hurt others – until our friend, parent, sibling, partner, is hurt by an individual using the same weapons that we once used. I stand for equality because anyone can be a victim and anyone can be an aggressor, remember that.”

Ian Zaqueu

“Diversity is not a part of our lives, is our lives. The fact that we all come from diverse backgrounds, have different tastes, looks and experiences is what makes us all human. Having the opportunity of sharing anecdotes with each other, allowing us to understand the world from a different perspective is something beautiful. I stand for inclusivity because I believe that people are good regardless of anything and the diversity enriched us as individuals. Empathy is the most powerful tool that has been conferred to humans and we can use it to create magnificent things.”

Roberto Pérez Segura

“Growing up as a member of the black and LGBTQ+ community and having experienced a variety of forms of discrimination towards friends, strangers and myself, while having had the chance to grow up in a tolerant home, I feel it is my duty to enable other individuals to have the same experience of being accepted by their respective community. Especially after loosing a transgender friend at the age of 16 and learning about the miscommunication that led to this tragic suicide, I believe that only education and exchange of knowledge and concerns of all parties involved can help to create an inclusive world. Hult, developing some of the next leaders of tomorrow should therefore be a playground of cultural exchange to widen all of our acceptance so we can treat the workforces, we might manage one day fairly.”

Manuel Schüler

“For someone with a multicultural background and mixed ethnicity like myself, not fitting in has been one of my major challenges in life. Being different has led me to experience awful things such as bullying and existential anxiety. So whenever I see others being discriminated or neglected for being different I can’t help but stand against it. I strongly believe if people could learn to understand, respect and love each other’s differences the world would be a better place, after all at the end of the day beneath everything we’re all the same, we’re all human, we all have one life and we all equally deserve to belong here. This is why I stand for inclusivity, there is so much to be learned from one another – strength lies in differences not in similarities.”

Darius Rahman


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