Experts in career development and with vast expertise from the recruitment, HR, consulting, research, marketing and finance industries, they will help you embark on your dream career path and gain work experience while undertaking your degree.

They have the expertise and resources to help you grow personally and professionally and will support you on your career journey through Workshops, Panels and Networking events.

Book an appointment with your Career Advisor for advice and guidance in your job and internship search or interview preparation. Sarah, Mandy and Dawn do much more than helping with your resumé and LinkedIn profile. They help you to build your personal brand and provide you with the tools that you need on your journey to employment.

The Corporate Relations team work hard to connect you with employers from diverse industries. Bianca and Laura run events on campus and invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and best career advice with you. They organise off-campus events and give you access to industry-leading career fairs.

They organise campus competitions and company insight days that can result in internships and full-time employment offers.

And they are always open to your ideas!

If you have suggestions of events that can help you develop your professional career or connect with the business world, drop them an e-mail at

For weekly career events, job updates and career tips follow them on social media:


Facebook: Careers London Undergrad page

For the newest jobs and internships, access MyCareer.

For the latest career resources, access the Career Essentials module on MyCourses


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