As our student path comes to an end (or a beginning), we start wondering what truly makes us passionate, what makes us think: “I want to do this for the rest of my life”. We keep our eyes open to every field and industry that sparks our curiosity and makes us look forward to the future. However, deciding where you want to take your career after uni is a huge decision and, for most of us, it can be very overwhelming as well. Luckily, we count with amazing support from Hult in the form of events, workshops and personal meetings that are designed to ease that worry and help us discover our path. This is what the Marketing roundtables were all about. 

During the first week of October, the Hult Careers Team is dedicated to helping us explore marketing and the different options we have within this area, having as the main event the Marketing roundtables. These were an open space for everyone to contribute and get a piece of advice from the “real life”. They ran in 30-minute slots giving all of us the opportunity to participate in three different ones from different companies. No matter where your interest was, there was something for everyone. From Jarr Kambucha, Henkel, and PitchBook to Call of Duty, Havas Media and Hult, marketing professionals shared their experience and insights with small groups of students in incredibly engaging conversations. The best thing about it all was that they were all Hult Alumni that are always eager to network and talk to you about the opportunities they might have.

After two hours of insightful conversations, I came to the realization that choosing your career path doesn’t have to be stressful. We have to keep in mind that in order to discover what we like, we need to explore the industry and keep learning. There is nothing wrong with looking into different options, in fact, it’s a great idea to start broad to discover your career path. In marketing specifically, you will be dealing with people from many different backgrounds, with clients, creatives, coders and strategists for which you want to start building a well-rounded profile. This will help you better communicate and understand everyone you deal with on your day-to-day, and most importantly, provide you with the tools to step up or stir up your career whenever you’re ready or when looking for a change. In marketing, there are many routes you can take and if you follow your passion and never stop learning, you will be able to say: “I want to do this for the rest of my life”. 



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