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We are recruiting!

Our magazine is ever-expanding and we are looking for great talent to expand our dedicated team and take The Courage forwards. If you want to be part of the team and have a legacy, apply to join The Courage now!

We are looking for anyone who can bring valuable skills to expand The Courage further. For any of our roles, you must:

– be responsible

– be dedicated and committed to your work

– have ambition

– know how to work in teams

– have initiative

– have strong working ethics

– be excited about making our magazine reach higher!

All of our roles are open on a rolling basis and have an immediate start. These are, but not limited to:

Editor role

Editors are the main written content creators. They publish a minimum of two articles per month and manage one section in our magazine which they can choose and design. They have creative freedom when it comes to topics and styles.

Associate Graphic Designer 

The Associate Graphic Designer works closely with our Senior Graphic Designer in elaborating the graphic work of the magazine every month. Some previous knowledge in editing is required but there will be training on the role. The Associate Graphic Designer can expect to be promoted to Senior Graphic Designer after reviewing his/her performance. You must not be graduating in 2020.


This new role is suitable for people with great communication skills and with great people skills. The interviewer’s main job will be to conduct interviews. These interviews can take three formats: written interviews, video interviews or podcasts. It will be the interviewer’s duty to find relevant people to interview, elaborate the questions, organize the date for the interview to take place and decide on the specific format the interview will be conducted on. 

Website Developer Associate

The Associate Website Developer works closely with the Senior Website Developer in developing, updating, managing and maintaining our website. Some previous knowledge in website building is required but there will be training on the role. The Associate Website Developer can expect to be promoted to Senior Website Developer after reviewing his/her performance. You must not be graduating in 2020.

Video Editor

The video editor will edit footage from video-recorded interviews and other promotional videos. He/She will require to do the video recording in many instances and needs to have previous video editing experience. 


The talented illustrator will work in illustrated pieces to accompany articles. He/she will have artistic freedom but will be required on certain occasions to illustrate within the parameters given.  He/she will be able to develop a series of comic streams, if interested, to be featured on the printed magazine every month.

In any role, members must:

  • Submit the work in a timely manner
  • Attend the board meetings
  • Support club events and initiatives beyond their role

Apply now!

Apply now to any of our roles by sending us your application at

Please include your desired role, motivation to apply in no more than 500 words and your relevant skillset and experience (you may choose to do this in the form of your CV, personal portfolio or other).

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Did not identify with any of our roles but still want to join us? Send us an email explaining to us how you’d like to join The Courage and we will work to find something suitable for you!