One of the most attractive things about university is the spirit. Every student should be proud of their institution, be part of the community and feel like it is their own family. To feel that way you need just more than desire, you need an organization with leadership that can motivate and encourage people to engage in every activity that Hult offers. Sports teams create a giant buzz in which the students, faculty, and even outsiders can cheer and have fun while helping our team to perform better. The Supporters Club helps events from Hult to get as many people as they can on their events. The club will even organize massive events if we see that our community is lacking in that. We believe that events are the best ways to rally and motivate people behind a common symbol and set of values because it generates a sense of community which unites people behind a collective cause.

This was the main reason for the creation of the Hult Supporters Club. The club’s founder, Carlos De la Paz, has the desire of helping the students get the maximum experience of their university life through activities that will unite the Hultians. Together with the rest of the team, Roberto Pérez (Logistics), a master in organization and creation; Luis Pazmino (Finance), a professional and honest person; and Regina Méndez (Marketing) genius in design and brand exposure, we will work to transform Hult’s sports teams into a movement, so that Hult will not only live the best years of its history but it will also mark the beginning of a new spirit in and outside campus.

The Hult Supporters Club aims to generate excitement for our university’s sports teams by promoting them, organizing events, and leading support during games. The mission is to transform Hult into the FIRST AND ONLY school in London in terms of STUDENTS FIRST, but also to foster a loyal university spirit in the long run.

You can be part of the supporters club in two easy ways. One way by attending for FREE the events we are part of and receiving FREE GIFTS for it. The other way, by being part of our promoters, meaning that you will get paid for every time you get people to our events.


To enter as a promoter write directly to the WhatsApp of the President Carlos De la Paz: +593 98 576 4052


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