Discrimination – in a campus that is 100% international, in which diversity of ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, sexual orientation and all other possible viarables that make us all unique is our everyday bread – is not acceptable. In fact, it doesn’t make sense. We all know this, but sadly we do not all abide by this. That is why this February our campus is launching the #ItStopsWithMe Campaign. This anti-discrimination campaign is the leading work of Manon Goetschel, Student Services Coordinator, and Safaa Ramadan, Wellbeing Advisor. “With the initiative,” says Safaa, “we’re pledging to end all forms of harassment and discriminatory behaviour”.

We have interviewed them to learn more about this campaign.

The Courage: Tell us about this Anti Harassment Campaign.

Manon & Safaa: We’re lucky to have a diverse and supportive community here at Hult London, but that’s not to say that harassment & discriminatory behaviour doesn’t exist. Hence, the question is and remains to be… how are we going to stop this form of behaviour?

We want everyone, whoever they are, wherever they’re from, to feel safe and accepted so we’ve developed this Anti-Harassment initiative for our Hult London Community called #ItStopsWithMe. The below is what we’re trying to tackle:

– Racism

– Bullying & Harassment

– Sexual Violence & Harassment

– Homophobia

– Religious Discrimination

– Hate Crime

How did the campaign come around?

M&S: With the nature of our work, we both spend a lot of time speaking to students and as a result noticed, a number of recurring issues that were consistently going unreported.  When speaking individually to students we have encountered numerous accounts of discrimination & harassment which leads to tremendous anger & frustration and students feeling as if they were not heard and felt helpless; however, what sticks is the impact that this kind of behaviour has on an individual’s Mental Health! So, we decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it needed to stop with us; hence, leading to the development of #ItStopsWithMe.

How will the campaign be visible on campus?

M&S: #ItStopsWithMe is a lifetime commitment that Hult is pledging to consequently, there will be multiple events throughout the years to ensure its visibility.

Additionally, the initiative will continue to collaborate with the HSA & Club Presidents to guarantee that it remains relevant and at forefront of the Hult London community.

Who are the Champions and what will be their role?

M&S: Our champions will be the face of the initiative and the bridge between us and the wider student body. It’ll be their responsibility to demonstrate #ItStopswithMe both on and off campus while also turning Hult into a truly fun and accepting community!

These are: Maria Fernanda Meza Torres, Giancarlo Graber Alvarez,  Ian Zaqueu, Nour Abdelaziz, Youssef Khattab, Sabrina Frischmann, Manuel Schueler, Roberto Perez Segura, Adria Serrarols Soldevila and Melina Herzkovich.

Will professors receive any special training or indications as a result of this campaign?

M&S: Yes. From conversations with Senior Management staff members/professors will have received diversity training over the Christmas break.

What do you hope will be the main outcome of the campaign?

M&S: Hult London has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of harassment & discriminatory behaviour; however, it would be naïve of us to assume that discrimination & harassment doesn’t exist on campus. Therefore, we hope that through this initiative we’ll be tackling all forms of harassment & moving from tolerance to acceptance.

For any other students that would like to be involved or have any ideas, please feel free to contact us using the details below:

Safaa Ramadan: safaa.ramadan@hult.edu

Manon Goetschel: manon.goetschel@hult.edu


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