Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Being a woman entrepreneur is not easier, either. But yesterday’s night event showed us that it is not impossible. Following last year’s success, the Academics Team hosted a great Women in Business Event with co-founders of Hustle and Heels Jay Tav and Jen Scott.

Hustle and Heels is a social enterprise which aims to support the underrepresented entrepreneurs to start, improve and grow their business. It was born five years ago from the experience Jen and Jay had had when starting their Hair–ID business. Taking all they had learned on their way as entrepreneurs, they started Hustle and Heels to help women launch their businesses by sharing with them all they wished they had known when they started.

The event left no one indifferent. It was great to see that the name “Women in Business” did not scare some men from showing up and that despite the proximity of deadlines we had a full and engaged house. In fact, talking with the speakers before and after the event they highlighted how engaged the audience was and laughed when remembering their time at uni and how they would not really attend events like this – they were impressed with the turnover. With their engaging and flowing keynote, we got immersed in their speech about creative entrepreneurship before making our way down to The Warehouse for some pizzas and networking where both Jay and Jen were happy to answer all questions and engage in conversation – not without taking some pictures with fascinated students first. It was as successful as an event can be.

As I was telling Jen and Jay before they took on the stage, it is events like this that make Hult different and that truly enhance the learning experience we have on campus. We agreed that everyone now has a degree – it is what you do outside the classroom that will tell you apart. 

So, in case you missed the event but don’t want to miss on the learning here are the main takeaways from the event:

Find your why. Cephas Williams said: Who are you fighting for and what are you fighting against? Find the why to your actions and meaning to what you do. 
Read: Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

It’s all about packaging. In business, how you wrap things in how people perceive them. Take your time to polish business slides, present yourself in a professional manner, present your business in a nice way because that is the first thing people will notice.

12:4:1. From idea to business you need action, but sometimes time might seem limited or tasks too big to accomplish. Break down your goals into yearly, quarterly and daily tasks and follow through to reach your objectives. 

Keep learning. Jen has the objective for the year to read/listen to 30 business books. On top of that, she told me how she tries to attend one networking event or workshop every week to keep up to date with innovations like AI. You should be doing the same. Jay highlighted the multiple resources available to entrepreneurs in London borough libraries and urges us to use them, and both speakers were happy to share with us the following books we should be reading.

Network. You never know where the person sitting next to you in class or in that group project will be in the future. Be nice to people because they will remember you by how you treated them.

“The only thing between you and success is what you don’t do and who you don’t know”

– Jen Scott

Having the opportunity to have successful women like Jen and Jay give us their time to teach us valuable lessons about what their path in entrepreneurship has taught them is priceless and we should be taking advantage of events like this. We thank both Jen and Jay for such an inspiring event and to the Academics Team, especially to Lucy Etre, Program Manager, for putting the event together. We cannot wait until next year’s Women in Business event!


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