Tomorrow, Saturday 18th of April, the annual Hult Awards will take place. We’ve had to change the Natural History Museum for a Zoom call and your own beer, but that does not impede the Awards from being as exciting as before.

Preparing for them, we’ve spoken with different nominees to the awards to see how they see their nomination and likelihood of winning. Here is what they said.

Olga Babenko: First Year Superstar Nominee

How do you feel about your nomination?

I am very happy about this nomination. It feels good to know that my classmates and friends have taken the time to nominate me and give the required reasons why they voted for me. However, I must confess that I’m a bit surprised that I was nominated.

What does it mean for you to be a first year superstar?

For me the nomination as “First Year Superstar” is a fresher, who attracted the attention of his/her classmates through various (hopefully) positive activities. A student who has tried to give something good back to their community. A person who tries to motivate his peers and pass on his/her positive energy.

What have you done through out the year that relates to your nomination?

Since I can’t really answer this answer myself, I asked a couple of friends who nominated me what their reasons were.

They gave reasons such as my involvement with my group in our campaign as we ran for the HSA and they mentioned that they liked the way I presented my vision and how I communicated it.

They also mentioned that they appreciated the way I was always helpful, whether it was talking about personal matters or school-related things.

I have also attended countless school events and have tried to support students with their club, societies or other ideas as well as motivating others to do the same.

Do you think you deserve the award?

I think there must be a reason why people nominated me for this award. It feels good to have others think that I deserve this award.

I’ve done as much as I could for school and myself, got involved, helped people, joined clubs and participated in many events. But I did that because of my ambitions and I would do that without an award. Of course, I would be delighted to get an award for something I simply enjoy doing.

Sabrina Frischman: Contributor to Student Life Nominee

How do you feel about your nomination?

It may not seem like much for most people but I really appreciate the fact that people see what I do for the Hult community and student life to the extent that I’d be nominated for this award and makes me feel like my work paid off

What does it mean to you to be a contributor to student life?

For me it means being someone who is engaged within the Hult community, wants to maintain that engagement through contributing in any way they can and just someone who wants to help students in general and is always available. 

What have you done through out the year that relates to your nomination?

To be direct and obvious I have been Head of Student Life in the HSA, which has allowed me the pleasure of creating events anywhere between parties to wellbeing events and small things to create engagement on campus. Apart from the organizational aspect I (at least hope) have helped students in need and I’ve tried to always be available for questions and advice. 

What would you have done different through the year if you could?

I personally don’t think I would’ve done anything differently. I wish I could’ve organized more events off campus other than parties but other than that I think it was great (and of course I’d change being able to finish the semester all together).

Is there anything you want to tell the Hult community?

Contributing to student life means so much more than planning parties and drinking a lot (even though this is a big part of the job). The Hult community this year has shown me that there is so much more to what we see on the surface of people. A more than expected amount of people actually care about things that matter in the world and in our community and want to do something about it and that’s reassuring to what we together can do for the future.

Manar Eloreibi: Contributor to Student Life Nomine

How do you feel about your nomination?

​It feels great to be nominated. As this nomination means more than a trophy or an award for me. It means that our student body is appreciating and recognising the efforts I’m placing personally towards boosting the student life at Hult as well as thank you for these efforts. Which makes me really happy and grateful and keeps me pushing towards offering my best and make our community stronger. 

What does it means to be a contributor to student life or you?

For me, it means satisfaction. Not because I’m receiving recognition for my work but because I’m seeing great results of the work I have achieved and that is being reflected on Hult as a community. 

What have you done throughout the year that relates to your nomination?

All the social activities and projects I worked on with my Extravaganza team relate to my nomination personally and our nomination as a great team at Extravaganza. That without my team none of our projects would be nominated.  

What would you do differently throughout the year if you can?

Absolutely if we had a bigger budget, we would have achieved more amazing results. But we are trying to offer our maximum with the resources available for us. If I have the opportunity, we would have introduced a new concept of events that Hult didn’t see before but unfortunately, many limitations faced us including the coronavirus pandemic.

What comes now?

I have big plans for the future. I won’t announce them now because I would like to keep them as a surprise. But I promise Hult community that I will never let them down no matter what struggles we face. Thank you all for trusting Extravaganza and for always being part of our success. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we’ve done until today and I promise you with better things to come. So STAY TUNED!

Carlos De La Paz: Contributor to Student Life Nominee

How do you feel about your nomination?

I feel honoured to share categories with amazing people that deserve the world and more. Also very happy to see that I have impacted the people surrounding me in a way that they want to recognize my work and way of been.

What have you done through out the year that relates to your nomination?

I have done nothing that doesn’t involve amazing friends next to me working. Referring to my work as HSA, welcome week buddy and extravaganza club. Also, my desire to make people happy and be helpful to everyone I think are the things that relate to my nomination.

What would you do different through the year if you can?

As my friend Nour said, I will go to China with him to stop one guy from eating bat soup. Actually I have no regrets, I have won and achieved so many things and I lost something that certainly I will give away everything to get but I can’t complain because I learned and improved as a person with all the experiences.

Distance is not a barrier, unity is a strong force and kindness Is our driving force. Stay safe and God bless you all

Amy Ariza: First Year Superstar Nominee

How do you feel about your nomination?

I was really surprised when I found out, and feel very thankful to everyone that thought about me for this. 

For you, what does it means to be a first year superstar?

I think it has to do with being highly involved in the Hult community and being able to leave a mark in this very short period of time. 

What have you done through out the year that relates to your nomination?

Since I started Hult, I knew I wanted to get involved and as the year progressed, I created the debate club, participated in most MUN conferences and generally, tried to be supportive with all the other students and their activities. 

Do you think you deserve the award?

Honestly, I think we all kind of do. I mean, most of us moved across the world to come study at Hult and start a whole new life away from our families and everything we knew, I believe that’s reason enough for an award. 

What’s your next step after this?

I want to continue meeting new people and ensure we keep growing together while appreciating the privilege of being in a community like Hult, especially when we are able to see each other face to face again. 

What would you tell the Hult community?

It takes a lot of strength and dedication to continue focusing on results and keep a community alive in a situation as challenging as this one. Good thing is that Hult has proven it can be done. And I have absolutely no doubt, that together, we will come out stronger. 

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