Yesterday evening, the six participating teams of the HMCC Client Challenge Fall 2019 pitched their solutions on the semifinal of the competition. They had been working for a month on the challenge presented by parent company Altitude Ads before getting here. The challenge? To create thriving communities both online and offline for their petcare brand Petlab Co.

Conveying your approach to such an ambitious challenge in 5 minutes can be proven to be challenging, but the teams managed to still perform great. As we always tell them from the board, the challenge itself is more than simply coming up with a solution, it is how to approach it and communicate it in a way that the client will understand and agree on. The challenge is also – and mainly – a learning experience. Let’s highlight that most of the student consultants participating this time around were freshers who despite their lack of experience, had the courage to get hands-on with the challenge. Now, next time they will be more prepared to consult for the client.

The four teams who are proceeding to the final are Phoenix, LA, Austin and Chicago – congratulations to you all!

The semifinal judging panel was composed by Christopher Masanto, CEO of Altitude Ads, Liliana Caimacan, Professor on campus, and Epaminondas Koronis, who will be teaching on campus starting next term.

Being able to consult for a real client on not your first year at uni but your first term is an opportunity you should not miss! This is what tells Hult apart from other universities and what can tell you apart from other students. As President of HMCC, it brings me and the rest of the board great joy to see students coming together outside their class time to form a team and work in the challenge. Throughout my time in the club, I have seen how inexperienced students – as we all were once – develop themselves into great consultants. 

As Fabian, Vice President of HMCC, and I walked Chris (our client) down the stairs after the semifinal, he shared with us his astonishment by the quality and ability of the work performed by the student consultants. “When I was in university,” he said, “I was not able to come with any valuable idea like this”. This is the reaction we aim to get out of all our clients. And this is only possible because you, participating students, put and demonstrate so much effort into this project for which the whole board is very proud of. And is not only Chris or us who celebrate your achievements. Professor Koronis also showed his admiration for the professional and quality work done by the student consultants. Congratulations to you all!

Now, dear reader, we did not see you this past month in the challenge. Where were you hiding? Get ready for a learning experience that will tell you apart. We count on you to participate in the Spring Client Challenge!


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