And Prince Charming rescued her, and they lived happily ever after. We have been raised in a society that says that in order to be happy, to feel complete, to be useful, you need this soul mate that makes you perfect. A great example of this is the Disney Princesses that have always been our role models for the perfect relationship, where they can only get their happiness when they meet their prince – like in Snow White, the Sleeping Beauty or Ariel – and discover the greatest world thanks to their charming royal man. We need to start convincing ourselves that we are empowered to be perfect as individuals; it is great having someone that complements you, but it is even greater to have someone that wants you free, with wings.  

This is about empowerment of the society as a whole. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, London, and we want to believe that we socially accept everyone. However, a report done by Stonewall and YouGov says that 3 in 10 LGBT people avoid certain streets because they do not feel safe there as an LGBT person, and more than a third of LGBT people say they don’t feel comfortable walking down the street while holding their partner’s hand. This number increases to every three in five gay men. Simple things that heterosexual couples take for granted. The frustration of having to remain silent when someone says something, the frustration of having to tolerate the staring of unknown people while you kiss the one you love just because they are of the same gender, the frustration of not doing things in public because of the fear of people’s perception, and the list goes on…

ENOUGH! I am tired. We should not have to give explanations about who we love, we should not have to defend ourselves for loving someone, it does not matter the gender, age or race. Violence is not the answer, say NO, stand against racism, against lgbtphobia, against sexism. To defeat a system that wants us shut, to break the status quo.

 I would like to end with a live challenge that my friend Lindy Mo and I created and we would like to share it with the Hult Family: #TheApronChallenge. An apron is a protective garment worn over the front of one’s clothes and tied at the back. It has been attributed for wearing and embracing a life oriented towards the service of others, especially towards the family. Our challenge is to empower and support women, to change the world, starting by representing their daily duties. These last decades, the image of an apron has been related to women doing house duties and taking care of their families. We want to change this image because we want to say that our heroes, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters… wear aprons, to protect each of us, and they are the best at what they do. The image of a hero has always been related to a strong man. With this challenge, we want to give the opportunity to women and minority groups to stand out.

Turn your apron around and use it as a cape!

Show the hero you are to support strong and independent women all over. To show how they have the chance to change the world. This challenge is for everyone, all genders and all races, to show support or to join the cause, to make the world a better place. Just post a picture with the hashtag #TheApronChallenge and tag @TheApronChallenge and spread the word.



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