Coronavirus has shaped our everyday life routine. The world has become more digitized. For instance, card only payments are being accepted almost everywhere. There is a new policy put in place to reduce human contact as much as possible. 

Moreover, the research conducted by Paysafe has shown that UK retail changed its behaviour with regards to how they pay for goods and services in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. For instance, the research of Paysafe, which conducted 8,000 consumers globally, stipulates that 54% of UK consumers have been using new norms of payment since the COVID-19 outbreak began, and 84% of respondents globally are thinking about switching to a new payment method. 

Besides, as cash has been reported to induce the spread of the virus, retailers no longer permitted it as a form of payments. One of UK’s biggest ATMs has announced cash usage has halved because consumers are using alternative payment methods, and about 63% of UK consumers said they will be using contactless payment in the short term due to the health and safety concerns. 

However, how does this new culture of contactless affect those who do not have access to cash alternatives based on their revenue and social class? The government seems to forget about them, and no regulations or plans have been put in place for them. Besides, during the first lockdown in May 2020, more than 14,500 people who were on the street had been given emergency accommodation based on a BBC article, but the crisis ended contracts between local councils and hotels due to the shortage of resources, homeless people had to return to the street as government funding ran out. What do these two extremes mean? Technology remains a luxury and not a basic necessity for everyone yet. Homeless people do not benefit from this luxury and consequently are negatively affected by it. In fact, we can say that a digitized society represents an attack on the poor people who are constantly being forgotten by the political actors.


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