With the Cohort Captain Elections being held in just a couple of days, today we bring you some insights into the running captains for the Barbican Cohort.

Lara Brzezinski

What are cohorts?

L: To me, cohorts have the purpose of bringing us closer together. Since I grew up with the Harry Potter stories I always felt like the houses they were in created a stronger community and added to their individual school experience, and our cohorts have the same purpose as the four houses of Hogwarts. We as Hult UG London do not have a shared accommodation and no cafeteria, therefore the cohorts are our chance to get to know amazing people from all years and bond with those who we otherwise wouldn’t have met in class!

Why do you want to run?

L: I think that I can bring the passion and excitement that a cohort captain should bring in his/her role. I have been at the Hult UG campus for over two years now and I have been lucky enough to meet so many amazing people from all intakes through other societies, clubs and extracurriculars. Especially as a Freshman, it is really hard to make new friends and the right cohort captain will be able to plan events and bring people together that become friends for a lifetime!

What do you thing a cohort captain should be like?

L: A cohort captain has to be reliable, enthusiastic but most of all, trustworthy. It has to be someone that especially younger students feel free to share ideas with and speak up about issues or fears they might have. A cohort captain has to be an organisational talent, but also a leader and most of all a friend.

Why would you be a good captain?

L: As a senior, I know Hult UG very well. I have been to endless events, worked on the third floor, been in many different clubs and societies. I know how hard it can be to find your place yourself in a new environment and I will make it my mission to help everyone find their place in our school. Everyone that has met me if in class or in clubs knows that I give my absolute best to make everyone feel welcome, I am really creative, confident and am really good at organising myself and events. 

Why should the students vote for you?

L: As an experienced senior that knows Hult very well by now I am sure that I can contribute in this role to strengthen our school community. We are all very spread out and separated by year, major and societies and it is time that we all get to know each other better and find our similarities and not just differences.

What will you promise to your cohort?

L: I want to make cohort Barbican a place where everyone feels welcome, support our cohort members and give each and everyone of us a sense of belonging.

What will you be willing to do to achieve those promises?

L: I will organise evening events such as movie or game nights to make sure more people get to meet each other and also listen to your ideas! There are tons of things that we can do in London, from markets, festivals and clubs that can be visited. I would not want to make these choices for cohort Barbican, because I would like to hear from you what are the things you enjoy most! But I will make sure there will be activities and events for everyone!

What is your closing statement?

L: Being a new university student is not easy, so is being a Sophomore, Junior and Senior. We all are Hult students, we are all business students and we are all so incredibly diverse and interesting individuals. It is time that we meet more than those you sit with us in class and make new friends!

I want to be the cohort captain for Barbican, because I think that the strength of our community and how involved we feel with Hult changes our whole University experience that we want to look back at smiling for the next decades!

Vote for Lara as COHORT CAPTAIN OF BARBICAN on Monday!

Unfortunately, Elisa Orus Plana and Zaki Ahmed could not give us an interview.

Don’t forget to vote on Monday during the Cohort Captain Elections to decide who will lead the team! Also, stay tuned to see what the rest of cohorts have to offer!


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