With the Cohort Captain Elections being held in just a couple of days, today we bring you some insights into the running captains for the Angel Cohort.

Bharath Agarwal

I am Bharath, running for the Cohort Captain of Angel! Being a senior, gaining experience of events and life around Hult, I believe with my spirit that I am fit for the role! I am a leader, always have been, always will be, but the kind to push you to be better and help you achieve your goals, not the one to sit on your shoulders while you do all the work! Vote for me, as you will have the best, promised. We will be the best cohort at Hult! 

What are cohorts? 

Bharat: They are a basis for a collective community environment around Hult and helps the students feel adjoined to a root cause of competition and like-minded group of friends and colleagues!

Why do you want to run?

B: I want to lead the cohort of Angel to be the best at Hult, lead the students to success and gather a very engaging atmosphere related to Cohorts! I believe that I can be the one that motivates and cheers them on with their work for the cohort and want to be the backbone to their goals! 

Why should the students vote for you?

B: Why shouldn’t they? I’m charismatic, professional, have a great spirit, motivated and well versed having been here for three years! I believe that my strengths harmonize with the community goals and help them make Angel better! 

What will you promise your cohort?

B: I promise them dedication, loyalty, success, engagement, and a great year ahead, as the events coming up will have my backing through and through! 

Marcus Strom

What are cohorts?

M: For me, cohorts are like your family at HULT. It is where you know you’ll just have a great time, competing, drinking, and just basically have a s**t ton of fun. And for those in Angel, winning is also a part!  

Why do you want to run?

M: There are many reasons as to why I would like to run for cohort captain. I believe that at university everyone should have the best time of their life, and if I could be a part of making that a reality for everyone that would be awesome! 

What do you think being a cohort captain should be like?

M: Cohort captains, to my eyes, have a lot of responsibility. You know, he is responsible for the fun, the craziness and for bringing the victory home. To my eyes, he must be a fun person, who doesn’t take everything so seriously, at the same time he knows his responsibilities. You gotta be someone who can organize fun stuff for your cohort! Do shots with your members, as well as being responsible and organized. Also, fun stuff aside, I think the cohort captain should be someone you could talk to! If there is anything you feel like you need to talk to anyone about, that should be your go-to person!  

Why should student vote for you?

M: If the angel student vote for me, they’re gonna have fun. I’m gonna make sure to arrange some awesome stuff for us, that’s gonna make us the strongest team at Hult! They should also vote for me because once I get a job or a position, I’m sure as hell gonna do the best job I can! 

What will you promise to your cohort?

M: You should always be careful with processing too much. But, what I can promise is that I’m gonna do the best job as possible. I can also promise that they’re gonna have a lot of fun, drink a lot, hate life sometimes because we drank too much and lastly, we are gonna win. 

What is your closing statement?

M: Students should elect me as captain if they want to have a great time. They should vote for me if they want a captain who is going to go up and beyond for everyone to have a great time! We are going to win the Best Cohort, as well as become the biggest family at Hult because in Angel, we do not talk about competition, because for Angel there are non-worthy opponents. If you elect me captain, I will be the captain that’s gonna fight until the end, even if the ship is going down.

Don’t forget to vote on Monday during the Cohort Captain Elections to decide who will lead the team! Also, stay tuned to see what the rest of cohorts have to offer!


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