“Change is something we don’t need to go through alone; it’s never too late to change, to get help, and to realise our dreams.” 

Amadeus Lombardi

You might have heard about Amadeus Lombardi before. We interviewed him at the beginning of the academic year about his new startup, and now we are back with him following the launch of his very own book Change it! The secrets of happiness & fulfilment in life, through change! We interview this second-year student, also Head of Operations of the Hult Founders Lab, about the launch of this new project.

The Courage: What is the book about?

Amadeus Lombardi: The book “Change it! The secrets of happiness & fulfilment in life, through change!” is a self-help book, concentrating on change in life. It serves as a guide book for people all around the globe going through the process of change or planning to go through. The book comprises each and every aspect of change and helps the reader achieve his or her goals, by guiding the person. The book has eleven chapters and brings the reader from actually understanding what it is you want to change to understanding the reason why you want to change, what is your motivation? 

What has been the reaction to the book since you published it?

AL: Since the book was launched on the 30th of January, several live radio interviews, newspapers and magazines invited me to advertise my book over their channels. BBC London Radio was, of course, the most essential marketing tool for my book, and an unforgettable experience for myself. The book furthermore was sold out on Amazon already three times and is available all around the world online there and in other bookstores, as well as in the UK at WHSmith, Waterstones and Blackwell’s, and internationally at airports. 

My daily life has changed in the way of receiving messages, positive and negative, over my website. There is a lot of jealousy and fake news going around, but I believe that this is part of the industry I want to enter. I receive a lot of support by family, friends and relatives and I am amazed by the feedback already gotten by the public. 

It has also changed in terms of getting messages of people who require help in their life, in any aspect. Therefore, I am building my customer base more and more, which requires a lot of work but is a real pay-out for my hard work, and consequently a fantastic feeling.

Amadeus on the BBC Radio where he got interviewed about his book

What inspired you to write the book? 

AL: My life has changed immensely since moving to London, especially when it comes to following my dreams, working for my future and working with start-ups, which was always a dream of mine. I know how hard change is, especially with the peer pressure around us, the outside influences, either online or offline, and the opinions of others which we are thinking most about. When I changed – meaning not going partying anymore, not taking part at every birthday or dinner, sitting alone at home and working – I understood how jealous other people get, how much talking goes around, and in which way others were thinking of me. It is a very lonely time when losing friends and contacts is normality. Through this, I know how hard change is for other people too, and therefore writing such a guidance book for other people is a true blessing.

What was your motor to continue perusing your goal?

AL: In my life and understanding, nothing is coming flying from the sky, and therefore I follow my dreams always throughout. This book is a reflection of who I am and what I managed to do at a young age. People who are hating, laughing and making fun of somebody following his dreams is an absolute motivation for me, to prove people wrong, and that’s why working for 18 hours a day is normality. Writing a book in any genre is a long and exhausting but also exciting process and therefore, for me finding something in my life which is fun for me, is not work but rather enjoyment. Not only is writing a book part of my goals, but furthermore building companies, working with Start-Ups and organising motivational events – all of these things bring me joy in life.

What’s your next step?

AL: The next step for Amadeus Lombardi is to build up motivational events for young people in London who want to achieve great things in their life. Those events should inspire the youth to go further in life and follow their dreams. Those events should be very open-minded, support mental health, motivate and inspire through different guest speakers. Such events should get bigger and bigger, and my goal is to fill the halls and stadiums around the world and help people achieving their dreams.

What is your message to the readers?

AL: To achieve great things you need to step out of your comfort zone and you will need to change many aspects of your life, your routine and your beliefs. If you are somebody who wants to pursue your dreams and want to go further than what is expected, you are exactly the person I like spending my time with, and therefore I invite you to contact me at any time under my Hult email address.

Please contact me over www.amadeuslombardi.com for more help, mentoring and coaching for your own life, your start-up or relationship. Furthermore, keep screening the website for life-changing future events and seminars for you to attend! 

If you are interested in working with me on such process of organising events, bringing in young entrepreneurs and change-makers, please get in contact with me, and I am very much looking forward to potential cooperation!

The book is now available on the Internet on Amazon, Blackwell’s, WHSmith, Waterstones at the price of £7.99 hard copy and also a Kindle Version of it can be found online.


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