Sunday, December 5, 2021

Christina Connell


Cohort Captains Announcement!

The wait is over. Yesterday you voted and here are the results. Are you ready to know who will be your captain?

The new myHult News and Events app

Rumour had it last year that there was something about an app going on. The HSA had done some surveys, so we...

Boston: “The City of Kind Hearts”

By Bemboli Mozagba – The Global Gazette (Boston Campus) Whether it’s the wealth, cleanliness and safety of Cambridge, the...

A Foreign Summer in Mainland China

By Bemboli Mozagba – The Global Gazette (Boston Campus) As an African or any non-Asian looking person going to...

Introducing Manon!

Manon has recently joined the Student Services team and will be looking after the Clubs and Societies coordination. She...

Increased campus space: a guide to navigating the new campus configuration

It is around finals. Your backpack is heavy, your eyelids are too, and your brain just wants to sleep. But it is...

DECNA: visionaries for the youth

A truthful interview with the London UG Hult Prize competitors

Don’t miss out!

As we come back from a great winter break we are fresh and ready for the exciting Semester ahead. Our Events Calendar is already...

Welcome back, are you ready for 2019?

Isn’t it lovely to be back in London? Who needs warm beaches or sunshine in their life, when you are in the best concrete...

The Quarterly Report

The Hult Trading and Investment Society (recently renamed) made tremendous progress in the December-ending quarter. We made stock predictions, participated in challenges and brought...


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