I’d like to tell you a little personal story. Three years ago – wow, time flies fast! – I was in the club’s fair as a fresher, going crazy over signing up to all clubs I saw, when I noticed this guy sitting down by a table with some copies of a magazine. That guy was Paul Nöllke and those magazines the first editions of The Courage. He was the Chief Editor of the student newspaper, he told me, and was looking for editors to join the board. Having enjoyed writing in the past, I told him I’ll write for the paper sometime. Turned out to be, one month into my “non-committed intermittent writing”, I became one of the most active editors in the board and, I like to think, great support for Paul. 

The Editorial Board when I first joined. Paul is wearing a tie and suspensors. I never managed to take another board picture again, 2017

Fast forwards a couple of months and Paul graduates, entrusting me with the direction and management of The Courage. Fast forwards some more months and Paul serves as an advisor of where to get The Courage to. Two years into the position of Chief Editor now and I can only be grateful for being part of it. The Courage has served as a platform for me to develop myself as a leader, but also as an entrepreneur to some extent. Loving Hult as I do, The Courage has given me the opportunity to foster and transmit that love, and to create a collection of memories that I hope you will all go back to when you find this copy dusty at the end of your closet in some years’ time.

The cover of my first edition as Chief Editor, September 2017

In just a couple of months I will have graduated, so am I afraid of fast-forwarding to that time and discovering The Courage graduated with me. All the work and love that has been put into these pages for the past three years has been for us, the students – the Hultians. I want you to be able to experience the thrill when The Courage arrives on campus, when you count the magazines and realize people have been taking them, when you watch someone read the paper in class, when you see your name printed next to your article, your piece. I want you to be able to feel you are part of a greater thing, that you are perpetuating the Hult experience for all the students, and that you are achieving great things. I want you to find a place in The Courage.

The Courage’s first-ever event, a Women in Business event with Professor Melanie Eusebe, 2018

If you feel The Courage half as dear as I do, then I invite you to perpetuate it. Make it core to the Hult family. We are welcoming of every type of people, of all type of skills. I invite you to take courage and apply to join our student newspaper. Be part of the line of students who printed the Hult into The Courage, creating the amazing time capsule of Hult memories we will all be very happy to recall in a decade or so.

Marlena and I proud of our new table cloth this September in the club’s fair

The Courage is in your hands.

A sneak pic into our editing process
The Courage has become the official HSA coverage provider, having organized 2 Presidential debates until the date
Our signature display of magazines, free to grab!


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